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This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español
Ko puruhára ndoñe'ẽkuaái ete avañe'ẽ.

Szoltys1990 (born in July 16, 1990 in Bytom), the Polish User of Wikipedia from Świętochłowice.

Contact[jehaijey | editar código]

Editions[jehaijey | editar código]

Mostly in Polish Wikipedia:

  • 1.Biographies of skijumpers, leigh atletics, footballers, TV-presenters, politicals and more.
  • 2.Firms like Atomic, Nutella and Fabud.
  • 3.The neighbour-hoods of Silesian cities, like Bytków, Bańgów and Łagiewniki.
  • 4.Cities and villages, like Lubecko.
  • 5.Biometrical passport.
  • 6.KO System (Four Hills Tournament)

Behind the editions in Polish Wikipedia, I edited many pages in English, German and Norwegian Wikipedia.